Remembering 9/11

I can’t believe today marks the seven year anniversary of 9/11. Strangely enough, I spent this evening with Miriam, just like I did seven years ago to the day.

My parents were out of town during 9/11. They were in Seattle, about to fly to San Francisco the next day for an overnight layover before returning home. I was house sitting for them, so Miriam and my then girlfriend, Jessica, slept over. Around 4am, I got a phone call from my friend, Jen. She kept telling me to turn on the television. Half asleep, I found the remote and clicked on the TV. The twin towers burned.

We stayed glued to the television for hours, watching the tragedy unfold before our eyes. It was completely surreal. My dad picked us up later that morning to calm us down.

I moved to DC in fall of 2004. I remember driving past the Pentagon and seeing an entire side covered off. Every year we had a moment of silence on 9/11 and my classmates recalled how they were evacuated from school that day.

I just wanted to take a moment to remember.

It’s that Time of the Month Again! First Friday!

Tonight is First Friday in downtown! Which means, art, food, and live music. Check out their website for a comprehensive listing of shops and artists participating.

The Honolulu Art Collective at the Loft is also going on today. There’s a free art showcase from 4-830pm, followed by the dope sounds of DJ Swampa ZZ and DJ Eskae. It’s no cover and the flyer says their bar and sushi bar is now open!

Yesterday Kimi and I went to The Seasonal Store at Ward Center to check out their halloween costumes. It’s located where Nordstrom Shoes used to be. It’s kind of like a Pricebusters, but with lots of Christmas/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Hello Kitty (go figure) stuff. Tried looking for a wig to wear for tomorrow’s Switch party, but my options weren’t great: goth pigtails, 70’s afro, monk hair, and mullet-y looking shag.

Maybe I’ll be sporting a ‘fro tomorrow night.

Totally 80’s at the Loft!

You know all those things I wanted to do this weekend? Yeah, didn’t do any of them. Instead I spent my long weekend sleeping. My friend Joni thinks I have mono. I sincerely hope not.

Last week marked the first Totally 80’s at the Loft. Originally known as Acid Wash at Next Door, it was the best free dance party you could go to on a Wednesday night. It was always packed, the music was catchy as all hell, and nothing beats dancing like old school Janet Jackson (or Devo–depending on your gender) with your friends.

I was very sad when they discontinued Acid Wash (the week before my girlfriend’s birthday. She wanted to have her birthday there originally), but definitely pleased to see it back in full force at a venue like the Loft. I like how open the Loft feels, plenty of room for dancing.

Visit the Double-O-Spot myspace for more information.


Finally! A Good Day and A Visit to the Land of Yogurt…

It seems that lately everyone has been obsessed with this place, Yogurtland. My girlfriend will randomy crave it, I have a friend who dreamt about it, and my sister will ask to go there everytime we drive by.

Yogurtland is located on the corner of University ave. and Metcalf st., where Volcano Joe’s used to be. In high school, it used to be Burger King and then Mos Burger (which we always called Moss Burger).

There’s almost always a line going out the door, but it moves pretty quickly. The picture above shows their yogurt wall where you can mix and match a large variety of flavors. After you fill up your cup, you move over to their toppings bar and pick what you want. Put as much or as little as you want (topping and yogurt); Yogurtland charges you by weight.

I’m not a big yogurt fan, but even I liked their chocolate mint yogurt with oreo cookie topping.

To those following what’s been going on with our moving situation, I feel so grateful that I can finally deliver some good news. After greedy landlords #1 and #2 screwed us over, I thought our good karma would come in the form of a bigger and better apartment. It would be a place we could take pictures of and not-so-anonymously send pictures messages to those jerks.

Well, we did get good karma, but not in the way I expected.

I called my landlord yesterday to see if he had already found a tenant. He didn’t and I asked if we could do a six month lease with him. “However long,” he told me. “Stay as long as you like.”

When I told him about what happened with those people, he said, “That’s awful. Those people are so rotten. What kind of people say they’re gonna rent to you and then screw you over?” He even offered to lower the rent for the next six months, but I gracious declined and told him that just the fact that he’s been so nice about everything and said we can extend our lease was more than enough.

So, I mean, we did get good karma in the form of a bigger and better apartment. I also have a new found appreciation for my landlord. After dealing with all those potential landlords in the past weeks (plus my previous renting experience in DC), I am SO grateful for my landlord now. I’m really fortunate.

Everything worked out and perhaps this is where Kimi and I are supposed to be right now.

I can finally remove that “Moving Out” counter from my blog sidebar with a sigh of relief.

If I Can’t Have You

Guess who I met today?! Yvonne Elliman!

I will post more when I’m less hyper.

I’ve been singing this song since this afternoon. She even sang to me. I’m so happy.