Lowkey Christmas Activities for this Weekend!

It’s been raining like crazy, which could only mean that winter has finally arrived in Hawaii. Can you believe it’s already December? If you’re like me, you’re slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, but still totally procrastinating on doing your Christmas shopping.

Since the weather has been not so great this week, I suggest doing some lowkey Christmas-y activities this weekend to get into the Christmas spirit!

The Honolulu Advertiser has just posted their TGI Saturday where you can see a listing of Holiday activities/events going on today.

As a past time of mine, I always try to visit Honolulu Hale during Christmas time. Something about seeing a barefoot Santa Claus giving me a shaka is the only way it really hits me that Christmas is coming.

Also! Starting Monday, the Polynesian Cultural Center will be doing Christmas in Polynesia. The PCC Canoe Ride is back (hopefully without Lady Laie) and this year’s theme is entitled: A Gift for Sadie: Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child. It sounds really cute. Riders are transported right to the nativity scene as Sadie’s mother narrates the Christmas story to her daughter. Weather permitting, I think this would be a really creative Christmas activity for everyone.

Christmas in Polynesia runs from December 15 to 22 (closed Sunday)- 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 for children. Although, I heard you get $2 off the price if you purchase your tickets in advance from your local 7-11.

Pictures from the Kahu Malama Awards Dinner

Kahu Malama Dinner 2008

Earlier last month, I was fortunate enough to attend Gregory House Programs’ Kahu Malama Dinner. The event was held at the hip HiSAM restaurant at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

Gregory House Programs does some pretty amazing things for people living with HIV/AIDS. They provide housing for those in need because they believe that housing is healthcare.


Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone gets to spend today with the people they love. Tonight we’re having a Thanksgiving potluck at the apartment. Guitar Hero, wine, friends, and lots of delicious food. I’m super excited. Hopefully the ham I’m making turns out okay.

Better rest up for Black Friday tomorrow. I heard Walmart is price matching any store ad–don’t know how well that’s going to work out, but you should be able to get some great deals there. Note to self: stay the hell away from Walmart tomorrow. If I wake up early enough tomorrow, maybe I’ll walk down to Pearlridge (or ToysRUs) and buy myself a Wii!

Get Rockin’ with GiRL FeST 2008!

My apologies, I’m a day late making this announcement. In all fairness, I’ve been sick and I’m still kinda loopy. I’m really bummed I missed opening night for GiRL FeST, but hopefully you guys will be able to check out their other cool events going on all week.

Anyway! GiRL FeST Hawaii 2008 just kicked off last night and has festivities from November 7th-15th. For their daily schedule, go here. It gives you an hourly breakdown of the activities/performances/workshops taking place each day.

This year’s theme is stopping violence against women and girls. This is a cause that is very important to me and I hope that everyone is able to contribute (on any level) to this important cause.

Hawaii statistics for domestic violence is quite startling. According to the Domestic Violence Action Center, the Honolulu Police Department, the Sex Abuse Treatment Center, and the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence,

In a population of approximately one million people…

1)  There is one death per month due to domestic violence.

2) Between 1/3 and 1/2 of the police department’s work time is spent tending to domestic¬† violence calls.

3) One out of every two girls under the age of 18 either has been or knows of another girl who has been physically abused.

4) One of out five girls under the age of 18 in Hawaii has been sexually assaulted.

5) There is an average of 25 rapes per month in the State of Hawaii that are reported. Less than 28% of rapes that occur are actually reported.

I will get off my soapbox now, but I will say that there is NO excuse for domestic violence. Seriously, no excuse.

Any opportunity to help raise awareness about domestic violence, educate and help those in need, and create a safe (and fun) environment for people supporting this cause should be commended. However, GiRL FeST is something truly special.

The Haunted Plantation Review and Cute Halloween Costumes!

I know this Halloween entry is a little late, but I have a good excuse! Today was a big day, so I was kinda busy. How was everyone’s Halloween? I had lots of fun? Can you guess who I went as that night? HINT: I’m not constipated. Really.

So! On Halloween I went to the Haunted Plantation on its last night, screamed like a little girl there, and then booked it over to Tsukiji’s to hang out with my friends and pretend to dance like an idiot.

First of all, I gotta give major props to the people who put together the Haunted Plantation. Seriously, a great location and great scare. I’m sure that place would be creepy at night (or maybe even during the day) without the ghouls, zombies, and chainsaw wielding dudes.

My friends and I spent the extra cash for the VIP tickets and only stood in line for 20 minutes. The regular line was at least three times longer than the VIP line, so I definitely didn’t mind spending a little more to wait in line for a shorter period of time. Before we knew it, we were being explained to follow our guide VERY closely and trying to navigate our way through the haunted house.

I will admit that I screamed on more than one occasion. I, dear reader, am not a screamer. Especially not a screamer that sounds like a 8 year old girl (which is exactly what I sounded like that night). There were “creatures” everywhere: popping out of the plantation houses, jumping out of bushes, brushing shoulders with us on the walkway, and blocking our path on the ground. The whole thing creeped me out (but not to the point where I had nightmares that night), but I had tons of fun.

At the very end, you’re walking through a deserted grassy area when a big zombie with a chainsaw comes running after you. The guy started charging towards the people directly in back of us, so I wasn’t startled, but then quickly screamed and bolted towards the lighted area (the end of the haunted house) when ANOTHER chainsaw zombie blindsided me with the roar of his chainsaw. Embarrassing, I know.

The parking there was horrendous (mainly because it was so damn crowded), but thankfully Kimi drove and was able to sweep in and pick us up before things got too crowded there.

We rushed home, changed into our costumes, and headed out to Tsukiji’s for their Harajuku Halloween event. I had tons of fun, only to suffer for the next few days with horrible allergies.

My friends had such cute costumes! See below!