Acid Wash Now at the Living Room!

Acid Wash at the Living Room

Last night after grabbing drunk at Uncle Bo’s, we took the birthday girl to dance her ass of at Acid Wash at the Living Room (Fisherman’s Wharf). When it comes to making plans for a Wednesday night, Acid Wash really is your best bet for a good time.

It wasn’t super crowded and honestly, that was a relief. The dancefloor had a good number of people and everyone had enough space to dance as crazy (or drunk) as they wanted to.  There were some really great dancers there, but the mood was really mellow and down to earth. Everyone was there really just to dance and have a good time without passing any judgment on those who were less coordinated on the dancefloor (read: me).

There’s no cover, parking is free (and convenient), and the music is AMAZING. If you’re even remotely into 80’s music (or having a good time), then you might be out dancing until 3am (like us).

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Toma's Karaoke with the Dysfunctional Family

Today is Emily’s 21st birthday. To welcome her into adulthood, we’re taking her out to god-knows-where. I just know there will be a lot of alcohol and dancing. I’m bringing my camera along to document the action, so stay tuned. I hear we’re going to stop by Uncle Bo’s for drinks and then…well, I’m not sure. If you see us out,  tell Emily Happy Birthday and BUY THIS YOUNGIN’ A DRINK!

Angry Little Girls Creator Lela Lee at Split Obsession!

Angry Little Girls at Split Obsession

I’m sure we’ve all seen those t-shirts at one point. You know, the ones with the asian girl giving you the finger. You’re thinking, wow, that’s one angry asian and you’re right–she’s from Lela Lee’s collection of Angry Little Girls.  Lela will be at Split Obsession on Sunday June 7 from 4-6pm showcasing her work. This is a great chance to meet her. From her picture, it looks like she’s more smiley than her little angry girls.

Mr. and Miss Fashionista 2009 at Bar 7

Mr. and Miss Fashionista 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Expression Magazine to take photos at the Mr. and Miss Fashionista pageant at Bar7 (formally called Venus).  I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but let me tell you, these drag queens know how to put on a good show! At one point, one of the performers threw tons of condoms in the air during a song about candy! I totally took a condom home and later my girlfriend was like, “what the hell is this?!” Oops!

The pageant had many special guest performers and I think that’s what made it so entertaining. You really didn’t know who was going to appear and who was going to shake their thangs. The competition itself had a recyclable couture section, a question and answer segment, and then finally the talent portion! Although the guys did a great job singing, I think it was the two ladies competing for Miss Fashionisata that really stole the show. Just take a look at the pictures to see the craziness!


Kawaii Kon 2009 at the Hawaii Convention Center

Kawaii Kon 2009 | Hawaii Convention Center

This past weekend I attended Kawaii Kon at the Hawaii Convention Center. I went back and forth on going (since I’m not really into anime and already had a busy day planned for Saturday), but eventually curiousity won me over and I decided to go.

The event took place from Friday-Sunday, but I was recommended to come on Saturday. My friend Alex and I got there around 3pm and it was crowded as all hell. We purchased our wrist bands and then explored the various rooms.  The highlight of our day, however, was just sitting outside together people watching. It was really interesting to see everyone in costume. Most of the characters I didn’t recognize, but when I did, I got excited. I saw a really kick ass Bumble Bee, heard there was also a kick ass Optimus Prime, and even saw a cute lil soot ball from Spirited Away. We didn’t stick around for the cosplay showcase (it was getting late and I wouldn’t have known what was going on anyway), but had a really fun time just hanging out and people watching.