Kick Off New Year’s with Screeming Weener and Schemes & Consequences!

httpv:// Come celebrate New Year’s tonight with Schemes and Consequences and Screeming Weener tonight at Mad Dog’s Saloon in Waikiki! We’ve got some new covers and hopefully I won’t cough up a lung on stage. It’ll be lots of fun. Screeming Weener is such a fun band–you’ll definitely be rocking out when they go on! […]

Hang Out with Schemes and Consequences at Sand Island R&B Tonight!

Hey Everyone! Come down for Schemes and Consequences‘ sound check at Sand Island R&B tonight. This is in preparation for  Chemisstry‘s new live music night starting there next week Sunday, December 28th! We’ve got some new covers for you, so come down to support live local music, drink beer, and shoot pool! More info to […]

The Haunted Plantation Review and Cute Halloween Costumes!

I know this Halloween entry is a little late, but I have a good excuse! Today was a big day, so I was kinda busy. How was everyone’s Halloween? I had lots of fun? Can you guess who I went as that night? HINT: I’m not constipated. Really. So! On Halloween I went to the […]

The Haunted Lagoon at Polynesian Cultural Center!

Last night, my friends and I made the long drive to Laie to go to Polynesian Cultural Center’s Haunted Lagoon. Tickets were $8 for adults and could be purchased at the ticket counter in the main hut. Make sure you purchase tickets before 9pm, though, because they’re being very strict about that. So as long […]

Blaisdell’s Shockhouse Review

So last night, I was able to convince trick five of my friends to come with me to Blaisdell’s Shockhouse. Got there around 7:30pm and the line wrapped around the Exhibition Hall (see above). Tickets were $10.50 each (cash only). We tried to get pre-sale tickets at Times, but were told they don’t sell tickets […]