Adele Captivates at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles

  For months now, I’ve been dreaming about the Adele concert. I watched so many live performances online, listened to her album so many times that I was preparing myself to be mildly disappointed when I went to the Greek Theatre last night for her show. Not because she’s untalented or a bad performer, but […]

A Fine Frenzy’s Bomb in a Birdcage is Perfect for the Long Drive Home

I’ve been waiting to review A Fine Frenzy’s newest album,  Bomb in a Birdcage, for about a week now. But let’s face it, you have to be in the mood to listen to her music. If not, what should a fun car ride will turn into a depressing sobfest. Trust me, I’ve learned this the […]

More Movie Music with Imogen Heap’s Ellipse

When I got my hands on the new Imogen Heap album, Ellipse, I had to listen to it right then.  The first time through, I had it on in the background while doing some work. I loved and felt it deserved my  full attention, so I gave it a listen without any distractions. It didn’t […]

Kick Off New Year’s with Screeming Weener and Schemes & Consequences!

httpv:// Come celebrate New Year’s tonight with Schemes and Consequences and Screeming Weener tonight at Mad Dog’s Saloon in Waikiki! We’ve got some new covers and hopefully I won’t cough up a lung on stage. It’ll be lots of fun. Screeming Weener is such a fun band–you’ll definitely be rocking out when they go on! […]

Hang Out with Schemes and Consequences at Sand Island R&B Tonight!

Hey Everyone! Come down for Schemes and Consequences‘ sound check at Sand Island R&B tonight. This is in preparation for  Chemisstry‘s new live music night starting there next week Sunday, December 28th! We’ve got some new covers for you, so come down to support live local music, drink beer, and shoot pool! More info to […]