Did that cracked out picture get your attention? KimitheBee and I were laughing at this statue at Caesar’s Palace for a good minute and saying “DERRRR!”  We probably also looked crazy. Just like this horse. Believe it or not, but I am attempting to resurrect this blog. No nightlife pictures, since I’m old and can […]

[Pictures] LA Pride Festival 2012

Today is the last day of LA Pride, but for those who aren’t able to make it, I took some photos at the Festival yesterday. I thought about attending the parade today too, but the idea of getting trampled on by a sea of gays who all tower over me didn’t seem like a lot […]

Food Truck Row | Friday in Granada Hills

There are way too many food trucks in LA to keep track, but discovering a new one, a delicious one, is like a receiving an unexpected gift on Christmas. This Friday I checked out a stretch of road in Granada Hills known as Food Truck Row.  I discovered the place on accident a few weeks […]

[pics] The Museum of Contemporary Art: Art in the Streets

This past weekend I checked out the Art in the Streets exhibit at the MOCA. I really loved how everything was laid out. Museums can feel quite stuffy, but this exhibit was so accessible and down to earth. It was really awesome to see how different styles developed throughout history and how graffiti was influenced […]

[pics] LA Times Festival of Books at USC

Last weekend I attended the LA Times Festival of Books at USC. It was a nerd’s dream come true. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend many of the writer’s workshops scheduled that day, but I had fun checking out all the different vendors. I saw all kinds. Seriously. There were also a lot of people […]