12/365 – Go to a Wine Tasting

A very happy belated birthday to KimitheBee! She turned 29 this year, but shhhh!  We’ll just say she’s turning 25 again.  This year she didn’t have to work on her actual birthday, so I took the day off and we spent the afternoon together at Malibu Wines.  Neither of us had been to a wine […]

11/365 – Make a Healthy, Yet Delicious Pie

In case you were wondering what we did with our baskets of fresh strawberries, KimitheBee made a (healthy) Spring Strawberry Pie last week.  When she told me it was going to be healthy, I admit I cringed a little. I’m one of those people who automatically assume that healthy = blah tasting. I had a […]

10/365 – Pick Our Own Strawberries!

The Project365 continues, albeit a bit slower than I anticipated, but that’s okay because I will make up for lost time. KimitheBee and I are both strawberry lovers and decided it would be fun to visit one of those U-Pick farms as one of our activities. After a bit of research, we decided on the […]

[pictures] The Patchwork Craft Fair Show Kicks Off Summer!

You know what I love? Summer (or soon-to-be-summer) in Los Angeles. Why?   When I first moved to LA a few years ago, the bulk of the craft fairs took place in summer. Now we are lucky to have so many great events year round and I was excited for the Patchwork Show in Santa Ana. […]

The Positivity and Power of Pride Socks

This past week Kimi and I were lucky to rock our Pride Socks! Not only are they super cute and vintage looking, but we both love the positive message behind these products. Pride Socks is all about being proud of who you are so you have the confidence to achieve your dreams. We took a […]