Get Rockin’ with GiRL FeST 2008!

My apologies, I’m a day late making this announcement. In all fairness, I’ve been sick and I’m still kinda loopy. I’m really bummed I missed opening night for GiRL FeST, but hopefully you guys will be able to check out their other cool events going on all week. Anyway! GiRL FeST Hawaii 2008 just kicked […]

The Haunted Plantation Review and Cute Halloween Costumes!

I know this Halloween entry is a little late, but I have a good excuse! Today was a big day, so I was kinda busy. How was everyone’s Halloween? I had lots of fun? Can you guess who I went as that night? HINT: I’m not constipated. Really. So! On Halloween I went to the […]

The Haunted Plantation in Waipahu

Before we went to Shockhouse on Saturday, my friends were pumped up to go to the Haunted Plantation after. This was, of course, before all of them ran screaming out of Shockhouse. The fact that this haunted house takes place at the old Waipahu plantation (which is probably ACTUALLY haunted) makes it creepy already. But […]

Blaisdell’s Shockhouse Review

So last night, I was able to convince trick five of my friends to come with me to Blaisdell’s Shockhouse. Got there around 7:30pm and the line wrapped around the Exhibition Hall (see above). Tickets were $10.50 each (cash only). We tried to get pre-sale tickets at Times, but were told they don’t sell tickets […]

Acoustic Open Mic – Mad Dog’s Saloon TONIGHT!

httpv:// If you’re free tonight, Schemes and Consequences will be performing a 45 minute set tonight at Mad Dog’s Saloon in Waikiki for their Acoustic Open Mic Night! We’ll be playing “I’m Your Gin and Juice” (check out the video above) and lots of other emo-tastic pop hits. Hopefully The Bipolar Quartet (Kevin and Rob […]