Incognito: Celebrate Shokudo’s New Late Night Menu with Metromix!

Next week Tuesday (Aug. 18)  Shokudo is launching their new late night menu and Metromix will be there to celebrate! Shokudo is one of my favorite hangout spots to grab drinks and grub with my friends. With the addition of their $3 late night pupus and drink specials, you can bet we’ll be there to […]

Celebrate John Hughes and Kick Ass 80’s Music at Acid Wash

Hawaii’s favorite FREE weekly 80’s night has moved locations to the trendy SOHO in chinatown. If you don’t mind the rain tonight (I imagine this is hurricane tropical depression dinky spit storm Felicia), I think SOHO is going to be bumping! Tonight is a really special occasion–they’re doing a John Hughes Tribute and encourage you […]

Pictures: Universal Show Queen 2009

So I finally went through most of my pictures. MOST of them and I still had close to 900 photos to go through. The Universal Show Queen pageant was held at the Hawaii Convention Center a few weeks ago and it was…well, EPIC.  I mean, just look at the picture above. She is wearing a […]

Universal Show Queen 2009 Winner Yuni Carey

This past weekend I was invited by eXpression Magazine to cover the Universal Show Queen pagaent at the Hawaii Convention Center. Pictured above is the winner, Yuni Carey, looking fabulous in her show queen outfit.  I’ll have a full write-up of the event once I finish going through the 900+ photos I took that night. […]

I Think I’m Too Old for the 50th State Fair

Ah, the 50th State Fair. I bet it’s one of your first picks when you have nothing to do on a Sunday night. My friends and I got kinda pumped up about going. We thought we’d ride a bit and then maybe stuff our faces with carnival food. We skipped getting the wrist bands thinking […]