Halloween in West Hollywood – Everyone Comes Out to Play!

I learned two things this Halloween: 1) make sure to bring my external flash to properly shoot in WeHo  and 2) be prepared to deal with the repercussions of dressing up  my cat in a halloween costume. I thought the area was going to be better lit (and way more crowded), so I left my […]

Burbank’s Nightmare at the Museum is Tons of Fun!

As you can probably tell, I’m really excited about the volume of Halloween-themed activities here in Los Angeles.  I’m completely set on doing as finding as many Halloween things as possible (or as my budget allows). So far, I’ve checked out the LA Halloween heavyweights: Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and the […]

[review] Knott’s Scary Farm – I am the Monster Magnet

(this lovely monster told me I was a disgrace, but said thank you when I said I liked her tattoo! haha) Have I told you guys how much I’m loving Halloween time in Los Angeles?  This past Wednesday I went to Knott’s Berry Scary Farm for a work outing. I had A BLAST. Overall, the […]

Smash it Up at the Manifest tonight! Mash-ups Galore!

First off, props to La Cutie (Ana) for this photo. I loves it!  So there’s a new thing going on at the Manifest tonight and it’s allllll about mash-ups! You know, when a DJ takes two songs (usually ones you never thought of playing together) and mashes it into a perfect audio orgasm. So starting […]

Get Ready to Say HOLLAAA at SOHO Tonight!

I’ve already planned out your second weekend of the month routine from now on, so read this entry and the next entry I’m going to write. Tonight (and every second Saturday for the next few months after that) is DoSomethingTonight’s La Cutie and Bri of HeyDay Graphics newest party called HOLLAAA at SOHO! La Cutie […]