The Haunted Plantation Review and Cute Halloween Costumes!

I know this Halloween entry is a little late, but I have a good excuse! Today was a big day, so I was kinda busy. How was everyone’s Halloween? I had lots of fun? Can you guess who I went as that night? HINT: I’m not constipated. Really. So! On Halloween I went to the […]

Day One in Seattle : Pike’s Market and Shopping!

On my first day in Seattle, my parents took us to Pike’s Market and then to University Village to check out H&M, American Apparel, and Buffalo Exchange. Kimi had kettle korn from a street vendor at Pike’s, I saw a bunch of people sunbathing on the grass (reminded me of nice fall days at GW), […]

Guess Who’s Back?

Just got back from Seattle on Tuesday afternoon. It was a short, but definitely needed vacation. Kimi got to meet my parents and I got to spend some quality time with my little sister. Plus, there was a bit of shopping. My mom made me all my favorite foods and nobody commented on how chubby […]

Happy Birthday, Me! Pictures, Pictures Galore!

This past Sunday was my 25th birthday. Kimi planned this very cute (and lowkey) party for me. I got to spend time with my friends, eat more jello shots than what was probably responsible, rapped like a gangsta at karaoke, and watched Miriam uppercut the couch cushions. If there’s way to turn 25, this was […]

Schemes and Consequences Hits Up Tropics Cafe for Open Mic Night!

Slight change in plans last night. Instead of Mad Dog’s, Helena and I made our debut at Tropics Cafe (located near Ward Theaters) for their Open Mic night. Didn’t know how it was gonna go, but we were thankfully well received by the crowd. The band before us played Reggae music and I’ve heard before […]