[Updated] Civil Unions Bill Revived then Killed in Senate

From the Honolulu Advertiser: The state Senate voted today to recall a civil-unions bill from committee and then amended it to expand the privilege to all couples. The move effectively kills the bill for this session, but Senate Democrats promised to work over the interim and to try to pass a compromise version of the […]

[News] Civil Unions Bill Gains Floor Vote

From the Honolulu Advertiser: The state Senate, by one vote, today recalled the same-sex civil-unions bill from a committee and advanced it to a floor vote. Nine votes are required to recall the bill, which has stalled in the state Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee. Today’s vote was 10 to 15. Now it will […]

Acid Wash Now at the Living Room!

Last night after grabbing drunk at Uncle Bo’s, we took the birthday girl to dance her ass of at Acid Wash at the Living Room (Fisherman’s Wharf). When it comes to making plans for a Wednesday night, Acid Wash really is your best bet for a good time. It wasn’t super crowded and honestly, that […]

Angry Little Girls Creator Lela Lee at Split Obsession!

I’m sure we’ve all seen those t-shirts at one point. You know, the ones with the asian girl giving you the finger. You’re thinking, wow, that’s one angry asian and you’re right–she’s from Lela Lee’s collection of Angry Little Girls.  Lela will be at Split Obsession on Sunday June 7 from 4-6pm showcasing her work. […]

Kawaii Kon 2009 at the Hawaii Convention Center

This past weekend I attended Kawaii Kon at the Hawaii Convention Center. I went back and forth on going (since I’m not really into anime and already had a busy day planned for Saturday), but eventually curiousity won me over and I decided to go. The event took place from Friday-Sunday, but I was recommended […]