Kawaii Kon 2009 at the Hawaii Convention Center

This past weekend I attended Kawaii Kon at the Hawaii Convention Center. I went back and forth on going (since I’m not really into anime and already had a busy day planned for Saturday), but eventually curiousity won me over and I decided to go. The event took place from Friday-Sunday, but I was recommended […]

Acoustic Open Mic – Mad Dog’s Saloon TONIGHT!

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA60iyCd24s If you’re free tonight, Schemes and Consequences will be performing a 45 minute set tonight at Mad Dog’s Saloon in Waikiki for their Acoustic Open Mic Night! We’ll be playing “I’m Your Gin and Juice” (check out the video above) and lots of other emo-tastic pop hits. Hopefully The Bipolar Quartet (Kevin and Rob […]

Finally! A Good Day and A Visit to the Land of Yogurt…

It seems that lately everyone has been obsessed with this place, Yogurtland. My girlfriend will randomy crave it, I have a friend who dreamt about it, and my sister will ask to go there everytime we drive by. Yogurtland is located on the corner of University ave. and Metcalf st., where Volcano Joe’s used to […]

Something More

I’m still unsure how I want to use this space. At first, it was going to be mainly for photos (nightlife, music, stores). But I quickly realized I wanted more here. Slowdancing with Strangers is the concept of sharing an intimate moment with a stranger and I want to take advantage of that. Candid photos […]