[pics] California Science Center

California Science Center - Endeavor

Every year I have a few extra days off during the holidays (kind of like a winter break from my job), so Kimi and I decided to check out the California Science Center. The museum itself is free, but it costs extra to see special exhibits like Pompeii (which closes in early January 2015).  The museum was neat, but it was super crowded and the ratio of evil children to well behaved children was insane. At the end of the Pompeii exhibit there was a large room where kids could use plush-like blocks to build the front part of their “house.” I’m guessing the exercise was to show how homes were built back then? Anyway, I saw a devil child kicking these blocks as if it were a soccer ball. One whizzed by as I was walking and I had to fight the urge to pick it up and throw the ball (shambattle style) at his head.

Also, the Endeavor was awesome.