9/365 – Iron and Sew on a Merit Badge

disorderly goods merit badge

In 2013, I vowed to be craftier. I started with my first zipper pouch and now I’m moving on to sewing on Disorderly Goods’ awesome merit badges! I’m a big fan of Jane’s work and since I would never be in a position to earn my own merit badges, I love the creativity and humor behind each of her badges. In fact, I love these badges so much that this is actually the second time I’ve purchased the same badges (my first set are ironed on to one of my bags).

I thought my denim jacket needed a bit of color, so I decided to try and iron/sew on my merit badge.  Before I get started, I just wanted to show off Disorderly Goods merit badge collection:

Merit Badges

buster is here...

Like all projects I’d like to start, something (or rather, someone) is ready to distract me!

Step, step, step!!

project 365 | sew on a badge
All right, FINALLY ready to begin!

project365 - sew on a badge
NAH, JUST KIDDING. And the West Wing is playing in the background. See you in five hours.

project365 - sew on a badge

project365 - sew on a badge
So many good badges to choose from.
First up, the pleasure badge: dopamine molecule, for being in love.

project365 - sew on a badge
The Big Dipper: for Dreaming Big.

project365 - sew on the badge
Finally…The Heart: For Giving a Shit.

Needle and Thread
Okay, I ironed on the merit badge first (not pictured) and then decided I would sew it to make 230984832032% sure it wouldn’t fall off since denim is a very thick material. As the instructions suggest, choose a thread that is same color (or at least close) as the merit badge’s border.

credit: Disorderly Goods

You will be using an overhand stitch to secure your merit badge (show above).  Ideally, you would stitch sort of underneath the border, so the stitches aren’t visible.

Disorderly Goods
The hardest part was pushing the needle through the denim (and badge) in the right location. I didn’t have a thimble, so I used my desk to align the need and then push it through. Silly, I know, but it worked! I’d recommend to others sewing on heavier material to use a thimble. Your fingers will appreciate it.

disorderly goods

The finished product!

Disorderly Goods