8/365 – Visit the San Diego Zoo (Safari Park)

San Diego Zoo - Safari Park

Our original activity was to visit the San Diego Zoo, but it didn’t quite work out that way. A few weeks ago, I purchased what I thought was a Living Social deal for the San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately, I was unaware that there are technically TWO San Diego Zoo parks. If anything, I thought it was like Disneyland and California Adventure Park–you know, two parks right next to each other.

Early on a Saturday morning, Kimi and I excitedly made the three hour drive to San Diego. We arrived at the San Diego Zoo around lunch time and the parking lot was already packed with cars.  It took another 20 minutes to figure out how to redeem the Living Social deal, only to find out that it did not include admission to the San Diego Zoo, only its not-so-popular cousin the Safari Park. We thought about just paying full price for admission to the zoo since we were  there, but eventually decided we’d check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since we already had tickets.

Okay here’s the crappy part. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is located a good 30 minutes away from the San Diego Zoo! I’m guessing it’s smaller than the San Diego Zoo, but its selling point is that the animals there are in more “natural surroundings.”  Translation: less scary looking cages.

Kimi’s main complaint about the Safari Park: too many birds. Every time she’d see an area with birds, she’d zip right past to the next area. Still, we both had lots of fun! I  think I’ll keep San Diego Zoo on our Project365 list, but I think the Safari Park deserves to be added and crossed off too!