6-7/365 – Visit Sweet! And Make a Custom Chocolate Bar!


The Project365 continues on and with some really fun activities! Last night Kimi and I made a trip down to Sweet! Candy Shop in Hollywood.  I heard about this place last year on LAist and it certainly lived up to its hype.

This activity was close to the top of my list, mainly because I thought we’d see oompa loompas (sadly, we did not). In addition to checking the place out, we decided to try out their chocolate bar and make our own candy! Two activities crossed off easily!

sweet! hollywood

Here’s where you can create your own candy bar! We took a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what we wanted, then we had to fill out a sheet with our choices. 20 minutes later–BOOM! CANDYYYYY!

sweet! hollywoodsweet! hollywood

We spent equal time goofing off and buying candy.

custom chocolate bar

Here’s mine: dark Chocolate, milk chocolate fudge filling, corn flakes, and baco-bits.

custom chocolate bar

Kimi’s chocolate bar: dark chocolate, nutella filling, almonds, blueberries.

sweet! Hollywood

A close up of my delicious chocolate bar!

If anyone is interested,  here are more pictures of Sweet! in Hollywood: