13/365 – Comic Con!

Comic Con - The Walking Dead

Many of our Project365 activities were planned in advance, but this one was unexpected! This is mainly because getting Comic Con tickets is like winning the lottery. We got 4-day passes a few years ago when we first moved to LA, but have been unsuccessful at getting passes since then. So while it was my goal to attend this year, I knew not to get my hopes up.

I thought this year would be like the other years. When tickets went on sale, we didn’t get any. I was waiting in the online waiting room because their system got overloaded and eventually timed out. I tried again during the second and third resale lotteries without winning. But, on a random afternoon, I saw on Facebook that they were releasing a limited number of single day passes. I jumped online and to my surprise was able to grab Thursday single day passes for KimitheBee and me.

We got on the road around 10am to make the three hour drive to San Diego for some geektastic fun. We decided in advance that we wouldn’t even try to attend any of the panels. We learned our lesson from a few years ago when we first went to Comic Con and spent hours waiting for the Dexter panel and then hours for the Castle panel (which I actually thought was worth it).

As expected, it was crowded as all hell. We didn’t have a real plan to tackle the exhibition hall, but there were booths that we wanted to visit. KimitheBee wanted to check out the Walking Dead booth (in fact, there were several!) and I wanted to grab some SDCC exclusive toys at the Funko booth.  There was a very long line at the Funko booth and the first time we tried to join the line, we were turned away and asked to come back later. We left, defeated, and decided to take a break and have lunch. We returned to a somewhat shorter line, but by the time we made it inside the booth, most of the shelves were empty. I was not interested in buying three figures from the Big Bang Theory or six Miss Piggys, but we did not leave empty handed.  We ended up scoring two SDCC exclusives: a metallic Plants Vs. Zombies zombie and a Walking Dead Police Officer Zombie.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! We had a blast.