12/365 – Go to a Wine Tasting

Malibu Wines

A very happy belated birthday to KimitheBee! She turned 29 this year, but shhhh!  We’ll just say she’s turning 25 again.  This year she didn’t have to work on her actual birthday, so I took the day off and we spent the afternoon together at Malibu Wines.  Neither of us had been to a wine tasting before, so we were able to celebrate her birthday AND cross off another item on our Project365 list!

Malibu Wines got high marks on Yelp (and a personal recommendation from one of our friends), so we were happy there was a place within reasonable driving distance. We went to Trader Joe’s to get some wine-tasting snacks (crackers, cheese, pita, hummus, fruit, etc.) and arrived at the Tasting Room right around lunch time.

The place was pretty empty, with only a few small parties sitting far apart in the patio area. We were hoping there would be more people, if anything, so we could see what to do at a wine tasting! But we managed okay. We went up to the wine tasting area and were given a menu of choices. We could choose from three different flights (shown below, you get a taste from four different wines) or purchase a bottle. We decided to try all three flights. I incorrectly assumed we would get all of the wine at once. Nope! Instead, we were given two wine glasses and had to go back to the bar area when we were ready for our next tasting. This would have been the perfect opportunity for their workers to educate us about the wines, but the woman we had was too busy flirting with some guy at the counter. She was polite, of course, but not very talkative (to us, at least). Or maybe she knew that all the wine would probably taste the same to my uncultured self. Who knows.  At one point, she stepped away from the bar, and someone more helpful took over and explained to KimitheBee what our current glass of wine should taste like and why, so that was nice.

Overall, it was a really nice afternoon. We ate delicious Trader Joe’s food, tried a bunch of wines, and just hung out at Malibu Wine’s beautiful patio area. On the weekends, they have live music there and during the summer, they play old movies on certain week nights. I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s is next on the calendar, so I highly recommend going if you can!

I am admittedly not a very big wine drinker. I don’t think I’m supposed to drink a lot of alcohol because of my stomach medication, but I did try a little of each without getting sick. Hooray!

malibu wines tasting menu

Happy Birthday, Kimi the Bee!

Happy Birthday, Kimi the Bee!