10/365 – Pick Our Own Strawberries!

Strawberry Picking at McGrath Family Farm

The Project365 continues, albeit a bit slower than I anticipated, but that’s okay because I will make up for lost time. KimitheBee and I are both strawberry lovers and decided it would be fun to visit one of those U-Pick farms as one of our activities. After a bit of research, we decided on the McGrath Family Farm in Camarillo, CA since it was within reasonable driving distance and they were one of the few farms that still had strawberries for picking (apparently we’re at the tail end of strawberry season). A big bonus that McGrath Family Farm is a certified organic farm!

The farm doesn’t open until 11am on the weekends, so we stopped by the Camarillo Outlets beforehand to kill time and grab a quick lunch (to prevent us from picking way more strawberries than necessary).  By the time we arrived at McGrath Family Farm, it was about 2pm and it was hotttttt and I was sweaty. We checked in at their marketplace area (where you can buy fresh produce, flowers, etc.) and a nice woman took us to the fields to explain everything to us.

The woman gave us lots of information: don’t climb over the patches (safety issue), don’t walk down too far because those other crops belonged to a different farm, the strawberries are on the smaller side because they are organic (but very sweet nonetheless), you can also pick kale and chard (omg what is chard?), etc. She showed us where the green containers were located and said three of ‘em fit in a box for easy transporting. At the time, I thought we were only going to pick one green container each. Nope. We went home with six containers. And a little bunch of kale.

Speaking of kale, she showed us how “easy” it was to pick (a quick twist and pull motion), which turned out to be harder than it looked! KimitheBee accidentally pulled out a root at one point and then she eventually gave up, so we had to buy extra kale in the marketplace area so her bunch wouldn’t look too dinky.

Overall, it was a really cool experience to cross off the list! The only disappointing thing was this family who arrived around the same time as us who basically did everything the woman said NOT to do (they also freely ate the fruit as if it were at their own personal farm). I thought about tripping one of their unruly children as he hopped between each row (a big no-no) without parent supervision, but then was distracted by the strawberries and heat of the 2pm sun. Lucky for him.

Strawberry Picking at McGrath Family Farm