Project 365 – And So it Begins

noho farmers market

Remember how I said I was going to make an effort to blog regularly? Well, I meant it! I really did! 2012 went by way too fast and in the end, I kind of felt like I didn’t do enough. I didn’t learn enough. I didn’t better myself enough.

I have vowed that 2013 will be about bettering myself, enriching my life, and doings things I’ve always wanted to do. In that spirit, I decided to start a Project 365 for life.  I told Kimi about this idea  and what kind of vehicle it could be for our own personal growth.  I told her this is a great opportunity for us to do 365 things we’ve always wanted, but never got around to do.

We had been going back and forth on the idea for a few weeks (because frankly, the idea of doing 365 things seemed overwhelming at first), but after a strange coincidence of watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s (while I was sick and loopy),  I was reminded of the day Holly and Paul spent together doing new things. They each took turns picking the activity and I realized this Project 365 might be a cool way to be proactive in our own goals this year and document our lives. Of course these aren’t all lofty or expensive goals (some goals are simply to watch certain movies we’ve never seen before, but think we should), but just things we’ve wanted to do for ourselves and together.

Just putting together the list itself has not been an easy task. In fact, it’s taken Kimi and I weeks to even compile a somewhat complete list and I’m sure we’ll make changes to it as the year progresses. I know there will be some days where we’ll be able to cross off many goals in a day and other days where we won’t be able to cross off anything (like this past week since I was out sick with a really nasty cold), but the overall goal is to keep moving forward and have fun doing it.

Last week (before I was slammed with the cold from hell) we crossed off the first item on our list: go to a farmers’ market. Believe it or not, I have actually never been to one before and they’re like Starbucks here in LA–it feels like at every street corner. Kimi went to one while her family was visiting at the beginning of the year, so we made sure to choose a farmers’ market she’s never been to before. There’s one right around the corner from her salon, so we decided to check it out.

Farmers’ markets boast fresh locally grown fruits and produce, but honestly I was excited about the delicious homemade goodies that vendors sometimes sell. In fact, there was a nice woman who sold bundt cakes. We ended up buying three small individual cakes and stuffing our faces over the course of the weekend. Don’t. Regret. A. Thing.