3/365 – Eat a Blood Orange, Make Blood Orange Lemonade

Orange, Bloody Orange

This may seem like an random addition to our list, but Kimi really wanted to try a blood orange so we were in search of one when we went to the Studio City farmers’ market a few weeks ago. I think she got the idea from Pitfire Pizza’s delicious Blood Orange Lemonade and I was really excited when she suggested we try and make our own too.

So the verdict: Blood oranges look just like how you’d expect…bloody. It’s kind of crazy how dark they are on the inside. Totally wasn’t expecting that, but they tasted like regular good ol’ oranges to me.

For those interested, here’s the recipe we used for our blood orange lemonade:


-8 cups water

-1 cup orange blossom honey (you can also use sugar instead, if you prefer)

-juice from 4 small/medium sized meyer lemons

-juice from 2-3 small/medium sized blood oranges



1. In a pitcher, blend water and honey until honey is completed dissolved.

2. Add blood orange juice and lemon juice. Stir.

3. Add ice to pitcher or let chill for 30 minutes.

Lemon and Oranges

Fresh lemons and blood oranges from the farmers’ market.  The lemonades were kind of puny, so we ended up using like four lemons instead of two.


Got a pitcher and juicer! Flex those muscles.

Orange Blossom Honey

Bought orange blossom honey at the farmers’ market. We used it to sweeten the lemonade instead of using sugar.

Pouring the honey

Get ready to stir that honey in!

The Finished Product! Blood Orange Lemonade