2/365 – Dye Easter Eggs

Happy Easter!

Happy belated Easter, friends! As part of our Project 365, Kimi and I decided we’d relive our childhoods and dye eggs together. We went to Target and bought a few cheap egg dyeing kits, one dozen eggs, and some completely necessary Easter candy for our festivities. By the way, did you know they have all kinds of fancy kits these days? Tie dye, pastel, glitter–you name it. When I was a kid, I feel like egg dye came in four colors and you had to use your own crayons if you wanted your eggs  to look fancy. I remember my sister and cousins all being very talented in the egg dyeing department, while my creations all looked…well…not like the egg you wanted to find hiding in the yard.

After a nice brunch on Easter morning, Kimi boiled a dozen eggs for us to decorate. We didn’t buy more eggs because I actually don’t like eggs (I think they taste like the smell of a fart), so Kimi had to buy the number of eggs she could eat. Surprisingly, we did not think ahead for this activity and had to cut up Trader Joe’s paper bags to cover the table (since we don’t have spare newspapers lying around). We also didn’t have those fancy egg dyeing cups that I remember using as a kid, but Kimi bought paper bowls instead. And you know that crappy wire ladle thing use to hold the egg while you dip it in the bowl of dye? Yeah, that thing STILL sucks even after all these years.

Anyway, egg dyeing was just as fun as we had remembered and were actually bummed when we ran outta blank eggs to color (at which point, Kimi decided to dunk poor Buster’s tail in pink dye).  By the way, how do other people make their eggs so fancy and intricately designed?  My eggs looked like they were decorated by a toddler.

Chompers wants to dye eggs!

Chompers was very interested in dyeing eggs too!  And by interested, I mean she was grumpy and all she wanted to do was walk across the table and block our way.