PBS Hawaii to Air Two LGBT Family Films February 12th

2011 is going to have some changes here on Slowdancing with Strangers. I want to make better use of this space. The original scope of this site was mainly event photography, with an emphasis on candids, but the idea of Slowdancing with Strangers is about sharing an intimate moment with someone you don’t know. I think that idea can extend to affecting  social and political change, hopefully by getting strangers motivated and passionate about issues that are important to me.

I met Harold Kameya a few months ago when he wrote to me after watching my It Gets Better video. He and his wife Ellen are the founders of PFLAG in Los Angeles  and are also featured in one of the films discussed below. He put me in contact with some great LGBT activists here in LA and I am more than happy to help promote these films for him.

PBS Hawaii will be airing two powerful GLBT family films that we have been promoting and distributing:  Anyone and Everyone and Out in the Silence. We were recently informed that the two films will be shown on PBS Hawaii (Channel 10), back-to-back, next month on Sat., Feb. 12.  First, Out in the Silence will show at 8 p.m., followed by Anyone and Everyone at 9 p.m.

Out in the Silence was featured in the Star Advertiser when it was screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival, last October.  It is a documentary about a gay high school student who was bullied in school, and is very timely with the recent rash of young suicides due to bullying.  The film makers, Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer, have made many friends in Hawaii, and have provided us (Da Moms) with some copies of this film to distribute in Hawaii to organizations and programs that will use it for community educational purposes.  You can find out more about their film and project at:  www.OutintheSilence.com or call us for a free DVD copy.

Anyone and Everyone was released in 2007 and shown on many Public Television stations on the mainland but has not yet shown on television in Hawaii.  This film is also a documentary, about parents and their gay/lesbian children, and their struggles with conflicting religious and cultural beliefs.  The families are from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, including a Japanese American family that has roots in Hawaii.  Harold Kameya (father) was born and raised in Maui, and Ellen Kameya (mother) was born and raised in Honolulu.  They have raised their children in California.  Da Moms has been distributing this DVD, also without charge, to organizations and programs for community educational purposes, through funding from Equality Hawaii, and the Hawaii Peoples Fund.  For more information on this film, go to:  www.anyoneandeveryone.com.

Please share this information with other supporters of the LGBT community on your mailing lists so that this PBS Hawaii airing will have a large statewide audience.  We also ask that you all make your appreciation known to PBS Hawaii for this showing of these two supportive LGBT films.  This is an opportunity to make our LGBT (and supporters) presence felt as PBS members and viewing audience.  And hopefully, this will be the start of regular LGBT programming on PBS Hawaii in the future.
(via Harold Kameya, originally from Jo Chang and Susie Roth)