Smash it Up at the Manifest tonight! Mash-ups Galore!

First off, props to La Cutie (Ana) for this photo. I loves it!  So there’s a new thing going on at the Manifest tonight and it’s allllll about mash-ups! You know, when a DJ takes two songs (usually ones you never thought of playing together) and mashes it into a perfect audio orgasm.

So starting tonight, Friday January 29th, there will be a night dedicated to this craft at the Manifest! Major audio orgasm.  Hosted by Do Something Tonight, you know this party is going to be fun!

To stay up to date on their DJ lineup and to show your support, add Smash it Up! on Facebook.

UPDATE: Just found out from Ana that Smash it Up! will be a regular event (YAY!). Every last Friday of the month at the Manifest!

  • bolocoon

    I LOVE YOU!!!