Support House Bill 444 (Civil Unions) TODAY at the State Capitol!

All You Need is Love - Hawaii Civil Unions Support

[photo credit – PFLAG 2010 theBus ads – Jan 15 – Feb 15, 2010]

My apologies for posting this so last minute. By the time most of you read this, the demonstration might be over, but you can still do your part and contact your local representatives and tell them to support civil unions.

There was an article in the Honolulu Advertiser recently about the Civil Unions protest that has been edited at least twice since being published, first stating that Mufi Hannemann and Duke Aiona were present and even SPOKE at the protest in support AGAINST civil unions. Yeah, that did not sit well with me. A few hours later, that whole chunk of the article was removed, and then later it was re-added with quotes from both Hannemann and Aiona from the protest (which also didn’t sit well with me).  But just now when I went to link up the article with this entry, I noticed the stuff about Hannemann and Aiona are now missing (again).  I will also note originally  in the article it mentioned that Neil Abercrombie is for civil unions (which is now missing as well).

The arguments against Civil Unions are just ridiculous.  One local woman wrote that if we allow civil unions, where do we draw the line? What’s next, polygamy? Being able to marry a dog?

Seriously? Did you just compare allowing Civil Unions to polygamy and then bestiality??

She later went on to say that she didn’t want her children to learn in school that being gay was normal and/or acceptable. She didn’t want a child to come home from school and say that he was gay because he learned about it in school.

Uh yes, that’s how it works. In school, they’ll teach him to be gay! God forbid he’s  gay already and school taught acceptance and he felt comfortable being himself and coming out to others.

/end rant.

Anyway, my point?  The arguments against Civil Unions are weak, small-minded, and frankly quite frightening.  I’m shocked and embarrassed that people still think that way.

If you can make it out to the State Capitol, great! If not, contact your local reps or mouth off where you can like I’ve just done.

Below is the information about the event.

Via Facebook:

Tomorrow (Jan 20) the legislature will begin for the 2010 Session and we need to show them that we care about the passage of HB 444 aka the Civil Unions bill!

So we need you to come out and sign wave, sit in the gallery and/or go door to door to meet with the members of both houses.

We will be there starting at 6:30 AM – the first 200 people to show up will get either an “All You Need Is Love” button that will match the posters that were delivered to the legislators today donated by PFLAG-Oahu or an iLove ALL Families button donated by Pride Alliance Hawaii.

The Capitol is located at 415 South Beretania Street the corner or Beretania and Punch Bowl.

So come out even if it is only for an hour or two – hold a sign, meet a legislator and lets show them that we care about the passage of HB 444.

Not sure if you want to come out here are two videos that hopefully will change your mind!

Proof that this is only beginning – they want an ALL Conservative Christian State:…

Mufi does not support you:…

We cannot do this without your help! Bring a friend or 10!

If you cannot make it tomorrow then PLEASE call, e-mail and/or fax every legislator and ask them to support HB 444 because it is the right thing to do and include your own personal reason to join the fight.

All their contact information can be found here:
Reps –…
Senators –…