It Gets Better – Lexi from Seattle, Washington

Dear friends, let me tell you how my life has changed since making my video contribution to the It  Gets Better Project.  I didn’t expect anyone to watch my video (other than my friends and a few random youtube people), but I received numerous emails from people who said thank you for being brave and others who needed someone to talk to. We all have the power to change and effect the world in a positive way. We all have the power to make things a little better for someone who is in pain.

My awesome friend Lexi has made a blog contribution to the It Gets Better Project and I highly encourage you to take a read at her website Trial and Error. Her story, like many others, broke my heart, but also gave me hope that things will get much better for all of us who are suffering.  She has also listed her email address if you need someone to talk to, so be sure to drop her a line if you need a friend.  She’s a really sweet and funny individual, definitely a friend you want in your corner.

Want to help too? Check out the It Gets Better Project and see how you can contribute to the Trevor Project and other noteworthy organizations.

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Check out Lexi’s story at Trial and Error here.