The Rescues & Garrison Starr at the Troubadour – I Think I Love You, LA

One of the things I loved about DC was their music scene.  I would discover a band, fall in love with their music, and soon after they’d be passing through for a concert.  I never had quite the same luck in Hawaii and I was excited to see what kind of concert possibilities being LA would bring me.

The Troubadour is an interesting venue. It reminded me a bit of the 930 club in DC, intimate and historic. You never really get over your first show at the Troubadour if you remember past musicians who have shared the same air as you. The walls of the tiny venue were definitely worn, decorated with staples like a telephone pole with tiny poster edges left behind.

My friends and I had great seats balcony level for Garrison Starr’s set.  When she performed “Beautiful in LA”, it felt like hearing a song you love for the very first time.  It had become sort of my anthem after moving to LA a couple of months ago, so when I heard it live for the first time, it was an amazing feeling.

When the Rescues took stage after Garrison Starr’s set, I could feel the balcony floor rumbling under my feet. There was a surge of energy that pulled me back to one of my first concerts in DC and I was overwhelmed with emotion.  It’s amazing how music can transport you to such specific moments in your life.  As many times as I’ve listened to the Rescues’ studio music and youtube videos (which are fantastic, too), they are so much better live. Their harmonies…they floor you. Each of them separately is such a strong musician and vocalist that when they sing together, you suddenly feel so small, as if tucked away in one of their instruments.  And even cooler, for many of their songs, they’d rotate positions and play a different instrument.

After the show, I let myself get swept up in the sea of people leaving the Troubadour. With the Rescues’ newest album in hand, I ripped off the plastic before even reaching my car, and then listened to it at the highest volume possible for the long drive home.

They ended their set was an awesome cover of “Shout” originally done by Tears for Fears (posted below).