Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2010 Review

This will be my first Halloween in LA and I have every intention of going to as many haunted houses, mazes, etc. as possible. First up, let’s talk about Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood. I went for opening night last night and had tons of fun! I will discuss the mazes individually and the event overall, but not really any of the rides.

My recommendation, if you can, shell out the $20 for preferred parking. It sure beats walking with the masses through City Walk at 1am to the parking structure. I don’t usually do preferred parking, but there was NO traffic from our lot when we left around 12:45am. I can imagine leaving from the other lot was crazy and road rage inducing.

Also, if it’s crowded and you can afford it, shell out the extra money for the front of the line pass.  The lines were crazy last night, with most mazes having at 30+ minute wait. With our passes, we zipped right on through Not sure if it’s cheaper to buy front of the line passes in advance online or at the park, so make sure to check the rates.

We went to the Vampyre Maze first since it’s located near the front entrance of the park. I think it’s the least scary and probably a good warm up for what’s ahead.  The Friday the 13th Maze was fun and I particularly enjoyed the A Nightmare on Elm Street Maze for their themed rooms. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll like all the little details from the movie.

Rob Zombie’s House of a 1000 Corpses 3-d Maze had scary ass clowns galore and the cheap-o 3-D glasses kept falling off of my regular glasses. You just wanted to reach out and touch everything there. I don’t recommend doing that, though, because my friend accidentally stuck her thumb in one of the monster’s mouths. Ew.

The Saw Maze was, by far, the scariest maze in the park. I think that’s why it’s located at the very back. I won’t give away too much, but I will say that it’s quite an experience.  At one point, I was gagging through the room. Save this maze for last!

The Terror Tram is quite long and you should be warned that at some point, you have to get off of the tram and walk  through a few areas (so make sure you wear appropriate footwear). I enjoyed the chaos of walking through the War of the Worlds area, with bodies strewn all over the blown up houses like red Christmas lights. Because this one takes kind of long, make sure you plan your time accordingly.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was hilarious, but be warned, it runs about 30-45 minutes long. I don’t think we timed this right and after watching it, a few of us lost momentum to go through more mazes.

King Kong 360 3-D was AWESOME, but way too short. The time it takes to ride the tram before going onto the sound stage is way longer than the 3-D experience itself.  If you are pressed for time, skip this one for another time.

Overall, I had a great time.  Sometimes I think the Mazes were too crowded, so we you could see someone scare the people in front of you and know what to expect. But I know that can’t really be avoided. If you want an extra scary experience, try going on a night that might be less crowded. Maybe a Thursday night when they start offering that?

I scanned a copy of the map so you can get a feel of where the mazes and scare zones are.

Check out the line at security. Moved pretty quickly. Gotta empty your pockets when you go through. Oh, and no wallet chains allowed.

Now there’s no reason to be scared of Freddy Krueger.

  • Ms_demented

    Hi. i'm going this weekend and i'm so freaked about it. seriously soo scared. could you up load the park map again? thanks. =)

  • http://iwontmakeyoueggs.com kristel

    You're gonna love it! I've reloaded the map (not sure how come it wasn't showing up earlier), can you let me know if you can see it okay??

    Make sure you go to the Saw Maze in the back. That's the scariest one!!

  • Ms_demented

    Thanks. I can see it now. Ok. i'll make sure. are the scare zones actually scary?

  • http://iwontmakeyoueggs.com kristel

    Glad you can see it now. The scare zones arent that bad, especially if it's crowded. Although, there was a scare zone with creepy dead children just standing around. That scared me lol

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