Review: (500) Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to see this movie. It was so worth the wait.

In the first minutes of (500) Days of Summer, the narrator warns you that  “this is a story of boy meets girl. You should know up front this is not a love story.”  The movie follows the growth and collapse of Tom and Summer’s relationship. You know from the beginning that they don’t end up together and yet you root for them anyway.

Tom and Summer are such likable characters that you want them together, even if it becomes quite clear (to us and not quite to Tom yet) that they aren’t meant to be.  It’s a heartbreaking realization and something that I’m sure we’ve all experienced in our lives. This movie is about love as much as it is about the collapse of a relationship and how love affects our memory.

500daysofsummerThe elevator scene where Summer tells Tom she loves what he’s listening to is one of my favorites in the movie. It reminded me of those moments in my youth when I felt connected to another human being through something as small (and yet significant) as a song.

(500) Days of Summer spoke to me in a very personal way. How often I’ve been in Tom’s shoes, trying to re-count my steps and mis-steps in a relationship I’ve cherished. I’ve been attached and broken by girls like Summer and found myself (like Tom does) in the process of putting myself back together.

My gripe with a lot of romantic comedies is that the head-over-heels love between the two characters feels forced. We are forced to believe that during a 20 second montage of clips (usually shown about 15 minutes before the movie ends) that the new lovers are filled with an all-consuming love that we’re supposed to hope for in our own lives.  Sure, big dramatic declarations of love are entertaining, but it feels empty to me when I see it on screen.This movie realistically portrays the small romantic moments and heartbreaking defeats a couple shares with each other.  The progression and demise of their relationship feels real and like in our own lives sometimes, you want the relationship to succeed even when it’s destined to fail.

As a side note, the soundtrack is amazing. I’ve had it on repeat for hours now.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

  • Logan

    i am dying to see this movie! zooey is such an amazing actress.

  • Anokarina

    Can’t wait to see this. Thanks for the review!

  • kristel

    Logan – is this your new site? Mind if add you to my links? :D

    Anoka – After you see the movie, I’ll send you the soundtrack!

  • emily

    your review gave me tingles… i cant wait to see it

  • Anokarina

    Yay! I’m *this* close to seeing it! I can’t wait…