Pictures from the Color Band Collective in Chinatown

Color band Collective at Bar35 in Chinatown Honolulu Hawaii

Last weekend was the Color Band Collective in Chinatown. 39Hotel’s shindig was absorbed by Bar35, turning Bar35 into 1 part dance and 1 part rock.  I came just in time to enjoy the acoustic stylings of Futatsu (Kara and Mel of Satellite Grey).  They did a great acoustic set in the outside area of Bar35, a perfect mix of acoustic rock (if you can imagine that as a genre) and a really awesome cover of “She Says” by Howie Day.

Bar35 felt like you were hanging out with a bunch of your friends and they just so happen to be ohso artsy and cool. I watched Jurky doing a live painting during the set and tried to snap a few pictures without distracting her from her art.

Had to leave a bit on the early side and was totally bummed out the following day when I saw the kick ass photos from Metromix and La Cutie all over the ‘net.

All in all, a really fun event.

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