Greetings from Las Vegas: Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian


As promised, I’m reporting from Vegas this week while I’m on vacation with my Dad and sister. The Vegas I’m writing about is the tamer version, you know, the one you experience when you’re vacationing with family. We arrived late Sunday night and checked in at the Orleans, which is located off the Strip. It was a little more expensive than the California or Fremont, but there are definite advantages to being closer to the Strip.  A cab ride into town takes 10 minutes and is usually under $12.

There must be two different high school sport tournaments going on in the area because  I’ve seen lots of softball and basketball kids in uniform wandering the casino, but never lingering at the slot machines. My sister, who turned 21 in March, has gotten carded twice and I haven’t gotten carded yet. Guess I finally look older than a high school student.

On Tuesday night, my Dad bought us tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. I told my Dad to skip Cirque Du Soleil, which I’ve seen more than once, because I wanted to see this show instead. Now you can measure my dorkiness because I will admit, I’m a big Phantom of the Opera fan.

The Venetian has its own special theater for the show and they’ve built it to look as if you’re sitting in the audience at the Paris Opera House. This show is a condensed version of the Broadway version, while still keeping all of the original songs. I like the special effects they’ve added to the show, larger than life, much like Vegas.

So if you’re interested in a bit of musical theater, I’d highly recommend this show. Everyone with an inner dork should check it out.

  • jolene

    haha! I loved it! except.. for the stupid ppl singing in back of us and the kid who kept asking 1million questions! OMG! why ppl are soo retarded I dono.. I was about to hold up the price of my ticket in front of their faces cuz you know that show isn’t cheap! $150 per ticket!

  • marcorbito

    Recreated opera house? Neat! What exactly is condensed? Are the songs shortened or the scenes between them?

  • admin

    jolene – oh man, that woulda made me so mad too! I was actually afraid tall people were going to sit in front of us because it was so crowded , but luckily the seats in front of us (and few rows in front of that) were empty! you should turned around and shushed them!

    marc – yup, except the seats are like regular theater seats. I want to post pictures from inside the theater, but I really want you to be surprised (like I was) if you decide to see it when you visit. The songs are the same, but I must be unfamiliar with some of the lyrics because I swear some of the lyrics seemed changed! The scenes between them are shortened, dialogue is cut short (mostly in the middle, where I think the show dragged anyway). If you’re a Phantom fan, I think you should go!!