White On Rice Movie Coming to Dole Theaters October 30!

White on Rice Movie Poster

It takes a lot to convince me to see a movie in the theater nowadays. Often times now, I’ll just wait for it to come out on Netflix, but there was something about Dave Boyle’s “White on Rice” that had me wanting to see it on the big screen.  I saw  the trailer randomly months ago, fell in love with it, then showed all my friends. Before even seeing the movie, we recited our favorite parts from the trailer.  I told myself that this film ever made its way to Hawaii, I’d be there to see it.

The movie follows  Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe,  Letters from Iwo Jima)  in his hilarious and strange quest to find love after getting divorced. He lives with his sister Aiko and her family, sleeping on the top bunk and sharing a room with Aiko’s 10 year old son, Bob.  When his brother-in-law’s neice Ramona (Lynn Chen, Saving Face, <33333) moves in, Jimmy sets his eyes on her, and so the fun begins.

I was lucky enough to see the movie at HIFF this year and it had me laughing to the point of snorting at one point. Hiroshi Watanabe is hilarious, even in person, and his portrayal of Uncle Jimmy is funny and endearing all in the same breath. Boyle has chosen a great ensemble cast, but really it is Uncle Jimmy who shines in this movie (he has some of the best lines!).

For those who missed White on Rice’s debut at HIFF, the movie is getting a theatrical release come October 30, 2009 at Dole Theaters.  I don’t often endorse movies, but White on Rice is a gem that’s meant to be seen on the big screen with a bunch of your friends.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting director Dave Boyle in person and he’s a really down to earth guy whose put his heart and soul into this film.

Do your part and support this great independent film. For more information about the movie, you can go to their website or their facebook page.