[News] Civil Unions Bill Gains Floor Vote

From the Honolulu Advertiser:

The state Senate, by one vote, today recalled the same-sex civil-unions bill from a committee and advanced it to a floor vote.

Nine votes are required to recall the bill, which has stalled in the state Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee.

Today’s vote was 10 to 15.

Now it will require a majority of senators — 13 — to pass it on second reading today and set up a final vote tomorrow.

Three Senate sources said this morning they believed they had the votes for a pull, but a private caucus among majority Democrats was to be held to discuss the issue.

The Senate gallery was filled this morning with opponents of civil unions — wearing red — and supporters — wearing white — to watch the session.

The bill passed the House in February in a 33 to 17 vote. If it is passed by the Senate, it would go to Gov. Linda Lingle for her review (to read the article on the Advertiser site, go here).

* * *

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.