Acid Wash Now at the Living Room!

Acid Wash at the Living Room

Last night after grabbing drunk at Uncle Bo’s, we took the birthday girl to dance her ass of at Acid Wash at the Living Room (Fisherman’s Wharf). When it comes to making plans for a Wednesday night, Acid Wash really is your best bet for a good time.

It wasn’t super crowded and honestly, that was a relief. The dancefloor had a good number of people and everyone had enough space to dance as crazy (or drunk) as they wanted to.  There were some really great dancers there, but the mood was really mellow and down to earth. Everyone was there really just to dance and have a good time without passing any judgment on those who were less coordinated on the dancefloor (read: me).

There’s no cover, parking is free (and convenient), and the music is AMAZING. If you’re even remotely into 80’s music (or having a good time), then you might be out dancing until 3am (like us).