Casa is Back!!


As promised, I’m here to report back to you about Casa last night. I was dying at work today, but it was definitely worth it and I’m happy I went.

What do I love most about Casa? It has a great vibe. It feels like you’re at a big party with all of your friends and, boy, do they like to dance. There are no snobby girls there whispering about how your shoes don’t quite match your shirt. It’s all about the music and it shows.

Even if you can’t break with the best of ‘em, you’ll still have a good time. My idea of dancing is kind of wiggling around like a toddler that has to pee (meaning: I do not dance), but I still bopped my head along to every DJ’s set and cheered for all the dancers.

Kai Media Hawaii was also there taking video of the event. Extremely talented videographer Kelii Grace did several short interviews and caught some dancers on film later that night. Stay tuned for his video–I know it’s going to be dope.

When the lights came on at 2am, everyone seemed surprised. To me, that’s a sign of a good party. Conversations continued and everyone happily filed out downstairs onto the street to hang out. People were sharing cigarettes, exchanging numbers, and giving hugs and guy handshakes.

In terms of parking, we found street parking a few blocks away. I’m sure there are spots that are closer to the Loft, so be sure to drive around. We showed up a little late and ended up taking the first spot we found. There are also parking structures you can go to, but be sure to check what time they close at. You don’t want to get stuck like we did for Kimi’s birthday.

Casa is back and I have the pictures to prove it.


  • Kelii Grace

    Big ups to Yoneda Chan and all the strangers we got to dance with!


  • La Cutie

    I love it…anything with Dancing I am sold. Thanks for your pic of me….I like that. You captured a moment I can’t get myself…hahaha.

  • kristel

    Kelii – Get Your Video Up, Mang! I want to promote, promote, promote!

    Ana – I can’t dance to save my life, but anything with dancing, count me in. I just love watching. And like I said, gotta capture more behind the scenes stuff! People have to see how hard you work! :)

  • lynelle

    you guys were so much fun! LOVE and i repeat LOVE the pictures kristel. you’re so talented!

  • kristel

    Lynelle!!! Awww thank you for saying such nice things <333

    I’m so glad you came out with us on Sunday. You’re so sweet and absolutely hilarious. Please hang out with us again! :)

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