Schemes and Consequences Hits Up Tropics Cafe for Open Mic Night!

Slight change in plans last night. Instead of Mad Dog’s, Helena and I made our debut at Tropics Cafe (located near Ward Theaters) for their Open Mic night. Didn’t know how it was gonna go, but we were thankfully well received by the crowd. The band before us played Reggae music and I’ve heard before that Tropics is known for their live Hawaiian music, so I didn’t know how we’d fit in there. The cool thing is that we didn’t quite fit, but everyone liked us anyway, especially when Helena busted out the Snoop Dogg rap from “Gin and Juice” during our medley.

This really cool classic Hawaiian band went on after us. I tried searching for them on the Tropics Cafe myspace friends, but no luck. It was a trio and all they had really beautiful voices. The lead singer on ukelele was my favorite, though, because he knew how to shake his thang!

We were able to make arrangements to play there again next week. I’ll post all the details as soon as I have ‘em. We’ve got some cheesy pop music gems ready to go.