Day One in Seattle : Pike’s Market and Shopping!


On my first day in Seattle, my parents took us to Pike’s Market and then to University Village to check out H&M, American Apparel, and Buffalo Exchange. Kimi had kettle korn from a street vendor at Pike’s, I saw a bunch of people sunbathing on the grass (reminded me of nice fall days at GW), and my little sister got a pretty pink princess headband thingy majiggy.

I realize I have a lot of photos, so I will post them over the course of several days (and several blog entries).


  • Mirabol

    Looks like you guys had a grand ol time with the fam…and Tinkers! (OH she is so far away! remember when i locked her in the closet, poor baby!) The little sis is TOO cute, I esp. love the pics of you two.

  • Jolene

    looks like so much fun! I miss Seattle!

  • kimi

    i <3 your family. especially because kelliann is so brutally honest. lol. kristel, you need to be patient. and i need to take shower faster.

  • kristel

    I had so much fun in Seattle! I’m just sad I couldn’t stay longer!

    I remember when you locked Tinkerbell in the closet! Don’t worry, she doesn’t remember that and she still loves you :)