Something More

I’m still unsure how I want to use this space. At first, it was going to be mainly for photos (nightlife, music, stores). But I quickly realized I wanted more here. Slowdancing with Strangers is the concept of sharing an intimate moment with a stranger and I want to take advantage of that. Candid photos can really capture someone’s personality or the mood of an event, but there’s something about writing that always gets to me.

In high school, we had daily journal writing in English. Five minutes on a given topic with a word minimum. At first it was hard and I found myself scribbling, “I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write…” and then somewhere in the middle of that I’d find my thought. But by the time I was a senior, I almost always had more to say after our time was up. I’d go home later and revise my entries and end up using them for short story assignments.

You may see me walking through a crowd with a camera in hand, but really I’m trying to capture a mental picture for when I get home later on that night to write. I see people lost in conversation and I try to remember how exciting it was to meet someone new, to hear their answers to the most basic questions for the very first time. I see people flirting holding their $2 beers in sweaty plastic cups and see the anticipation in their eyes for someone to make the first move. I see friends taking shots together and reminding each other how much they are loved.

I feel like moments like these need more than just photos.

  • Laura

    sometimes a photo does say a thousand words…….but saying that i do enjoy reading your entries, be it just a normal update or a story.

    *hugs* i’m excited about this blog….i’ll be sure to keep an eye on it